Northern Cyprus Accommodation

When thinking of holidaying in Northern Cyprus there are many different accommodations to choose from. In the end it depends on what you are looking for and how you would like to spend your holidays in North Cyprus.

For those who want to be pampered while being wowed by what the North Cyprus Island has to offer, rest assured that Northern Cyprus has a substantial assortment of five star hotels to choose from. These North Cyprus hotels offer the kind of amenities that you would expect to find from any five star hotel around the world. Most if not all are located right next to the beach and offer you the opportunity to experience a Mediterranean sunrise from the comfort of your bed. Just imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of the waves washing up on the beautiful white sand beaches of Northern Cyprus and watching the sunrise.

Once up and around you will be glad to know that most of these hotels in North Cyprus have taxi stands near or right in front of them. But perhaps you would be more comfortable driving your own car. After all if your idea is to get away from it all then what better way to do so then by driving yourself around and setting your own pace. But if not rest assured that most of these hotels offer tours and if you are part of such a group you will get whisked around the Northern Cyprus island to see its many sites.

Then you have the smaller hotels or inns that are tucked further inland. Just because such places are tucked away does not mean that they have less to offer. If you are really looking to get away from it all and in search of some peace and tranquillity then this might be the accommodation for you. These places are normally smaller and more laid back then their larger brethren. Most if not all of them have pools. There are some that are on the main roads however for the most part they are in more secluded areas that cannot be reached via public transportation. Walking is always an option yet if you want to maximize your time renting a car might be a better solution for the duration or a period of your stay in Northern Cyprus.

Finally there are the North Cyprus holiday villas or properties of various types and sizes that are for rent during the peak seasons (they are also available during off peak seasons at reduced prices). You might want to use services of one of the North Cyprus Real Estates to rent a holiday villa, apartment or a property to stay in during the summer period of the year. If you ever want to own a home in the Mediterranean, sample the Mediterranean life, or just do not want to stay at a hotel this may be the option for you. In most cases it would be cheaper than staying in a hotel, especially during the peak season which is the summer. Thus you would be able to stay longer and see more of the Northern Cyprus sites thus better enjoying what the island has to offer. Public transportation in North Cyprus could be useful; however, the further off the main road your villa is located the harder it will be to reach from where the minibus leaves you. A taxi is another option but depending on how long you plan to stay it could get quite costly. Renting a car would allow you the easy of going around in North Cyprus island and also shopping from the local markets to keep your villa well stocked for the duration your stay. After all you will be able to stay longer, but do you want spend that time lugging groceries around North Cyprus, or taking your car to the beach and some remote ancient sites in Northern Cyprus touched by countless civilizations.