North Cyprus Güzelyurt (Morphou)

Here are some places of interest that you may want to visit while you are in Güzelyurt:

Palace Of Vouni, Soli, Basilica Of Soli, Roman Theatre Of Soli, St. Mamas Monastery, The Guzelyurt Museum (The Archeology And Nature Museum), Lefke, Gemikonagi, Yesilirmak.

History of North Cyprus Güzelyurt

Güzelyurt also known as Morphou is located in the Northwest sector of the Cyprus island. This region is known as having one of the richest agricultural areas in Northern Cyprus. The reason for this richness is said to be its fertile read soil. From here Northern Cyprus produces oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and strawberries for consumption and export.

Güzelyurt has not yet become as developed as other cities in the TRNC and thus is a great place for those who want to get away from it all. There are many places around Güzelyurt that serve as perfect camping or picnic spots. Here you can enjoy a traditional Sunday of cooking shish kebabs on a grill and passing the day away by the sea, under a tree, or why not both. If you visit in spring you may see white orange blossoms floating through the air and giving the area a lovely scent of orange.

Where to go & what to see

Besides the places mentioned above these are some other places that we recommend that you visit while in the area. Important historical Northern Cyprus sites that are considered worth visiting are: Monastery of St. Mamas, originally Byzantine with Gothic establishments, Ruins of Soli (600 BC), and the Palace of Vouni, from the 5th century BC.

North Cyprus Map, Güzelyurt

Northern Cyprus Map,  Guzelyurt
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