Northern Cyprus Government

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The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or TRNC (known in Turkish as KKTC Kuzey Kibris Türk Cumhuriyeti) was founded as a democratic republic with secular principles. The republic is based on social justice and the rule of law. Judicial power is disseminated through independent courts. The North Cyprus legislative branch is comprised of the legislative assembly which in turn is comprised of 50 deputies which are elected to a term of 5 years through universal suffrage.

President of North Cyprus

To become president of the T.R.N.C. a person must be of Cypriot parentage, a resident for at least 5 years, over thirty years old, and a graduate of an institution of higher education. Once elected the period of one’s presidency is of 5 years. The immediate order of succession states that the Speaker of the Northern Cyprus Republican Assembly is next in line if the president is not in office or absent for a lengthy period of time. H.E. Rauf R. Denktas was the first president of the T.R.N.C. He became president on the 15th of November of 1983 and then was re-elected in June 1985, April 1990, and April 1995.

North Cyprus Council of Ministers

There is a council of ministers which is appointed by the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. These appointments are done with the advisement of the prime minister.