Northern Cyprus Property

Property is the new buzz word for Northern Cyprus. While in the past this was one of the Mediterranean best kept secrets, the secret has got out and people from far and wide are turning their eyes to North Cyprus. The property market as of late has seen an upsurge in demand of people looking with interest towards the North Cyprus property market. Some have reached the point in their lives when they are ready to retire but do not want to do so in their country for whatever reason. Others simply want to invest for their future and see many bright possibilities in the Northern Cyprus property market. But it is not just retirees and investors that are delving in to by North Cyprus property. There are also some who have grown worried about what has been happening in their countries and wish a brighter and safer future for their children.

Most of these people are vacationers who have come to the island and have liked what they saw. Upon returning home they decided that they might be better off with a change in their lives, and that Northern Cyprus may be just the place for them to start over. After all crime is low and things seem slower and more relaxed when compared to their countries. It reminds them of time gone by and the sort of place that almost does not exist in the world anymore. Not the mention the fact that there are schools here as well as universities providing education in English language, which make it an attractive location in which to raise you children.

But what types of properties will you find in Northern Cyprus? Well the North Cyprus Island offers everything and anything to please the different tastes of the people who desire to settle down in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus Apartments offer communal living in flats that have come a long way from there rudimentary predecessors that had little or no amenities. These day flats normally come with two or more bathrooms. A major improvement has been the elimination of the ground floor. In the past this was a point of contention with neighbours since people on the first floor tend to think of the apartment communal areas as their own and set up their garages and gardens there. This is no longer the case as the ground floors in the newer apartments have been eliminated in most cases. In so doing another problem was solved, this was the parking space for the tenants. The ground floor in new apartments is most often than not now used as parking space for the tenant’s vehicles.

North Cyprus Villas also have come a long way from the first models previously offered. These are the buildings that have been most involved in the Northern Cyprus off plan construction boom. Even when a standard template is used as long as you get in on the buy before the building process you may request changes to the interior design and spacing of the villa. For the most part villas are constructed further away from the city centre although there are a couple sprawled settlements of villas here and there within the city limits. However, for the most part when investing more to build or buy a villa in Northern Cyprus people prefer to get away from the city lights.

North Cyprus Land is always popular property in Northern Cyprus whether it be as an investment or the start of an off plan construction. Some people are not ready to construct or move here yet, but they still want to leave that option open so they buy Northern Cyprus land. However, when buying land or any other type property in Northern Cyprus, there are certain rules and regulations that you should be aware of.

For a better understanding of these rules or help in understanding them it might help you if you contacted a real estate agency. Agencies often have a better understanding of the property climate in North Cyprus and are better informed to help you. Many have various connections with construction companies and other companies that will make your building and subsequent moving process easier on you.