Emergency Service in North Cyprus


First Aid / Ambulance

For all districts Tel: 112

Forest Fires

For all districts Tel: 177


Police Nicosia Tel: 228 3311
Police Kyrenia Tel: 815 2014
Police Famagusta Tel: 366 5310
Police Güzelyurt Tel: 714 2140
Police Karpaz Tel: 381 2325

Note: If calling from a mobile phone you have to add 0392 to the numbers above.

Northern Cyprus Medical Services and Hospitals Customs and Regulations.

The central state run hospital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is located in Nicosia the capital. There are other smaller hospitals in the other North Cyprus areas of, Kyrenia, Güzelyurt and Lefke. Beyond that there are also some clinics in smaller towns and villages.

North Cyprus Police

Crime in Northern Cyprus is virtually non-existent and the police are always quick to respond to a crime or incident when and if needed.