North Cyprus Famagusta (Gazi Magusa)

Here are some places of interest that you may want to visit while you are in Gazi Magusa:

Gazi Magusa Castle, Eastern Mediterranean University Campus, Enkomi (Alasia), Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque, Latin St. George Church, Nitovikla Castle, Othello's Tower, Salamis, Gymnasium And Baths, Theatre, Roman Villa, Kampanopetra Basilica, Ayios Epiphanios Basilica, Agora (Stone Forum), Temple Of Zeus, Water Reservor "Vouta", Sinan Pasa Mosque (St. Peter & St. Paul Church), St. Francis Church, The Akkule Mosque, The Canbulat Tomb & Museum.

History of North Cyprus Famagusta

Gazi Magusa also known as Famagusta was founded by Ptolemy Philadelphus of Egypt in the 3rd century B.C. and lies on the eastern edge of the Cyprus Island. Famagusta has grown since its inception due to the influx of refugees from Salamis in 648 and Christian refugees after the invasion of the Holy Lands. This city soon became one of the most important and wealthy cities on the North Cyprus. Around the 14th century B.C. there were about 350 churches within the structure that would later be walled in by the Venetians. Later on in 1372 the Genoese invaded and ransacked the island leaving it void of most of its treasures. In 1571 during a long siege conducted by the Ottoman Turks many of the buildings in the city were damaged by cannonballs. Later on the British would use these stones to build the Suez Canal and Quays of Port Said. In 1974 the city once again came under siege but this time by the Greek Cypriots, with 11,000 Turkish Cypriots defending the city until the arrival of Turkish troops.

Where to go & what to see

Besides the places mentioned above these are some other places that we recommend that you visit while in the area. Important historical sites of North Cyprus that are considered worth visiting are:

The Walls and Bastions, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (St. Nicholas Cathedral) Othello Tower, Remains of Countless Mediaeval Churches. Salamis, Kings Tombs, St. Barnabas Monastery, The Ruins of Enkomi. Famagusta is also known for its beaches that span miles along its coast, and is also host to the islands largest university which is EMU (Eastern Mediterranean University).

North Cyprus Map, Famagusta

Northern Cyprus Map, Famagusta
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