North Cyprus Kyrenia (Girne)

Here are some places of interest that you may want to visit while you are in Kyrenia:

Ancient Graveyard Of Girne (Baldoken Graveyard), Antiphonitis Church, Bellapais Abbey, Saint Hilarion Castle, The Castle Of Kyrenia (Girne ), The Church Of Arkhangelos (Icon Museum), The Kyrenia Museum Of Folk Art, The Museum Of Public Arts, The Museum Of Sunk Ship, Karmi, Kervansaray, Lapta, Kormacit, Lamboussa.

History of North Cyprus Kyrenia

Kyrenia also known as Girne was founded by Achaean settlers in the 10th century B.C. and was known for many centuries as one of the ten kingdoms of Cyprus. The Byzantines later fortified the city in the 7th century B.C. and built the original castle that was later expanded by the Lusignans, and later on by the Venetians. Under Ottoman rule the city remained as a minor port. Later on under British rule a harbour and Quay were built. The British Empire used the town as waypoint on the routes to other corners of the world. It was considered as the ideal rest stop for officers and their families due to it picturesque and romantic atmosphere.

Where to go & what to see

Besides the places mentioned above these are some other places that we recommend that you visit while in the area. Important historical sites of North Cyprus that are considered worth visiting are: Harbour Castle and the Shipwreck Museum, The St. Hilarion Castle, The Bellapais Abbey, the Folk Art and the Icon Museums. The city is now sprawling with Northern Cyprus villas and hotels that expanding it boarder both to the east and to the west. It has one of the most unique scenarios on the planet as it is sandwiched between the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean and the five finger mountain range. Kyrenia has now become an attractive North Cyprus holiday destination with the best beaches, restaurants, clubs, and sights in Northern Cyprus. Amazingly enough, and despite it all, it still remains a cheap destination for the budget traveller.

North Cyprus Map, Kyrenia

Northern Cyprus Map,  Kyrenia
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