Communication in Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus Postal Services

The postal service in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is run by the PTT. It is said to be reasonably fast and efficient. To receive mail from abroad and in the case of the return address, remember the letter cannot be addressed to Cyprus but instead to "Mersin 10 Turkey"

Sample Address:

John Doe
53 Tavuk Sokak, #635
Lefkosa, Mersin 10, Turkey

Telephone Services in Northern Cyprus

On the island you will be able to find public telephone booths, and phone cards can be purchases at the local PTT office. To telephone the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from abroad you have to add 00 90 392 to the beginning of the number that you wish to call.

Sample Phone Number:

00 90 392 815 XXXX

From this number we see, 00 which is the code for normally dialling out, then the country code which in this case is 90 (the country code for Turkey) followed by 392 the code for the T.R.N.C., followed by the area code (The areas of Northern Cyprus such as, Kyrenia, Nicosia, etc.) which in this case is Kyrenia 815, and then four digits of the actual phone number.