Transportation in North Cyprus

North Cyprus Bus Tours North Cyprus Guide

There are some Northern Cyprus companies that provide bus tours around North Cyprus. However, these tours may be included in package deals along with your hotel and airfare. Sometimes the North Cyprus hotel themselves may offer bus tours. If your hotel does not offer any tours in North Cyprus please contact the reception and they will put you in touch with a Northern Cyprus Holiday tour operator that can provide said service.

Public Transport in Northern Cyprus

Public transport is very limited in North Cyprus and mostly it is done by shared taxis between main city centers. Famous Mercedes taxis are another popular but expensive means of travel.

Car Driving in Northern Cyprus

Most North Cyprus cities, towns and highways are paved and in reasonably good condition. However, some village and mountain roads still remain unpaved. These dirty roads can be tricky to drive on and are especially difficult during the rainy season when they turn to mud.

Visitors are allowed to bring their own car into Northern Cyprus if they so desire. But this can only be done for a period of three months provided that the vehicle has a valid registration licence from its country of origin. If you do decide to bring your own car you will need to purchase insurance as soon as the car enters Northern Cyprus.
Petrol stations in North Cyprus are usually open from 7 in the morning to 8 at night, with some closing later than others. However, the number of stations that operate 24 hours a day is increasing. Parking in municipal parking lots is no longer free. There is a small fee to be paid and it is a one-time fixed fee not based on an hourly basis. There is the possibility that same service may be free if you use it during a non-peak period such as late at night.

People visiting Northern Cyprus can also use their drivers licence from their country of origin or an international licence as long as it has not expired. Please note that such licences can be used for a period of three months if they stay beyond that period they have to apply for a T.R.N.C. licence.

Northern Cyprus Traffic Information

Traffic in Northern Cyprus circulates on the left hand side and its roads signs are of international specifications. Please note that you will be able to use your valid driver’s licence from any country for a period of up to three months. The items listed below are some of the more noteworthy rules when it comes to driving regulations in the T.R.N.C.

  • Maximum speed limit in the Northern Cyprus is of 100km/hr
  • All vehicles entering the T.R.N.C. must be insured when they enter the country.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times at both front and back seats of the car.
  • Drivers are prohibited from driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • The limit is 50mgr for private cars and 0 mgr for rental cars.
    Children are not allowed to sit in the front seat