North Cyprus Nicosia (Lefkosa)

Here are some Northern Cyprus places of interest that you may want to visit while you are in Nicosia:

Bedesten, Kumarcilar Khan (The Gambler's Inn), Lusignan House, Nicosia City-Walls, The Big Inn, The Dervis Pasa Mansion, Dereboyu Avenue.

History of North Cyprus Nicosia

Nicosia also known as Lefkosa was founded around 2250 years ago. Its primary expansion and development occurred during the Lusignan period. The cities ramparts which are thick and high were built in 1570 by the Venetians to defend against the Turks. These structures that encircle the city are 4.5km in length with 11 towers. Currently the city is divided in two areas by a boundary known as the Green line which runs from east to west along the island. The Turks live in the northern sector while the Greeks live in the southern sector.

Where to go & what to see

Besides the places mentioned above these are some other places that we recommend that you visit while in the area. Important historical North Cyprus sites that are considered worth visiting are:

Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Cathedral), Bedesten (Covered Bazaar - St. George Cathedral), a Lapidary Museum set in an old Venetian house and an obelisk, while belonging to the Ottoman period are the Arabahmet Mosque, the Buyuk Han (Grand Inn), and the Kumarcilar Han (Gamblers' Inn), the Sultan Mahmut II Library. However, there are countless other monuments that should be visited.

North Cyprus Map, Nicosia

Northern Cyprus Map, Nicosia
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