Northern Cyprus Maps


Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and has been what is considered as a port of call to almost every civilization throughout the history of civilizations. Geographically speaking it lies to the South of Turkey. Its unique position has made it a must have strategic outpost that served as a waypoint from ends of empire to a route for warring groups in far ways lands. Its unique shape is said to have resulted from its split from the Southern coast of Turkey thousands of years ago. Today it is a unique location that offers tourists and residents the perfect get away from the “real world”, for when on the island of Cyprus people experiences are so magical that they seem surreal.


Nicosia is the capital of Northern Cyprus and is located to the west of Ercan which is the main airport of North Cyprus. What you may not realize is that the whole city or at least the original city is one big castle. This is courtesy of the Venetians who walled many of the Cypriot cities when they had possession of the Island. There are many places to visit while in Nicosia many of which have been restored or in the process of being restored as part of U.N.D.P., U.S.A.I.D., and E.U. efforts. This city also contains much of the industries and ministries of Northern Cyprus. As a result most if not all bureaucratic processes must be conducted in this city. This is also the location of the North Cyprus central hospital.


Kyrenia can truly be described as the jewel of Northern Cyprus. Sure there are other places that have stunning beaches and views but the combination that is found in this North Cyprus city leaves many a visitor speechless. The Northern Cyprus harbour provides an almost surreal atmosphere that leaves people wishing they never have to go home. Picture if you will a lovely cove shaped harbour that has water side restaurants with a board walk so you may take a stroll before or after you meal. The candlelit tables shimmer and flicker in the soothing cool night air and the backdrop to all this is an illuminated castle that once guarded the entrance to this port. Special effects, no this place does need special effects for it itself is special. During the British rule of the island many used this city as port of call on their way to far off lands. So impressed where they by the scenery that they could not stop writing about the wonderful time that they and their families enjoyed here.


Famagusta is the main sea port of Northern Cyprus and many if not all of the goods you intend on shipping into the country will come in through this port. This city as any other city in North Cyprus is rich in history. There are many castles and mosques that are located in this city which can be found by navigating its intricate network of roads.


Guzelyurt is the heart of Northern Cyprus’s citrus industry. It is from here that most of the islands lemons and oranges are produced. Spring time in this small town is marked by the orange blossoms floating through the air while spreading their wonderful fragrance. As of late this place has also become the producer of such tropical fruits as avocados, mangos, bananas, and many others. Once again this city also has its fair share of historical sites to see, and an assortment of camping sites.